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Marigold Therapy

Pioneered by Dr. M. Taufiq Khan Bsc (Hons) Podiatric Studies MSc PhD LFHon (Pod) FLS FBAHChp, Marigold Therapy has been researched and developed over the last 25 years for the treatment of skin, bone and nail disorders.  It has been clinically evaluated in double blind placebo-controlled studies at British Universities and at the Royal London Homeopathic.

Marigold Treatment is used in conjunction with podiatry for the treatment of podiatric disorders.  It is an integral part of Homeopathic Podiatry, the specialty developed by Dr Khan.

The unique formulations used in Marigold Therapy incorporates a number of the Tagetes species of Marigold together with the other medicinal plants, including the English Pot Marigold Calendula Officinalis.

Marigold Therapy products (pastes, tinctures, oils, ointments and creams) are manufactured according to patent specifications 1984 and 2000 under MCA License.

Marigold Therapy is a complementary treatment combining topical medicaments and podiatry for a variety of foot disorders.  Gentle and non-invasive, it is suitable for all age groups and especially helpful for people with systematic illnesses and those “at risk” for whom surgery may be contra-indicated.



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