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How to Reduce Foot Fatigue and Pain

You may be in a line of work that requires you to be 120,000 hours on your feet, like chefs or nurses.  Or you may just not be 18 anymore so you’ve started to feel the effects of poor shoes on your feet, hips and lower back.

Pains such as these could be the initial signs of several foot ailments, from Plantar Fasciitis (stabbing pain along the arch of the foot) to Hallux Ridigus (a stiff big toe joint).  A good pair of shoes makes all the difference in the world.

Our AA Podiatry team frequently makes footwear recommendations to patients looking to maintain their comfort levels whilst getting one with their day-to-day tasks.   If you don’t have time to see us, the following shoes can get you by in a pinch:

Reduce fatigue and pain

Generally speaking, the best shoes for alleviating fatigue and pain have:

  • Good arch support

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Sufficient arch support can reduce foot fatigue and pain.

You want to distribute the weight evenly across the bottoms of your feet.  If you can bend a shoe in half, it lacks adequate support.  Many shoes designed for all-day comfort have what is called a ‘moulded orthotic foot bed’, so that’s definitely something to look out for when you’re purchasing footwear.

  • Cushioning

Shock absorption is key when you’re working on hard surfaces like concrete or tile.  If you suffer from achy joints and/or throbbing feet by the end of an ordinary day, lack of added protection is the most likely culprit.  We would recommend custom orthotics to add custom support to the shoe.

Everyone’s feet are unique, so the right shoes are a personal quest.  If you’re doing this without the help of a podiatrist, we recommend trying on three to four brands to see what feels rights.  One study of runners found the ‘best’ shoe for injury prevention varied from person to person, but ended up being the one they subjectively found to be the most comfortable during a fitting session.


Good Shoe Brands

  • Wolky


A Dutch family-run company, Wolky is a APMA-approved brand and creates stylish shoes with orthopaedic benefits. Their shoes encourage heel-to-toe walking which reduces risk of injury.  Wolky shoes’ footbed is also removable so it’s suitable for people with bespoke orthotic.  Their EVA sole is known as the best shock-absorbing material currently on the market.

  • Birkenstock

birkenstock shoes - aa podiatry

The popularity of Birkenstock grows year-on-year and we can see why; their shoes blur the line between comfort and style.  These shoes are best for leisure.  The footbed is made of anatomically shaped cork-latex too support the foot.  They also have EVA flexible soles which help mitigate discomfort, calf pain, rubbing and blisters during walking.


Other Ways to Alleviate Foot Fatigue and Pain

If your profession requires long hours of standing or walking:

  • Change your shoes halfway through the day.
  • Put one leg up on a foot stool and switch periodically to take repetitive stress off.
  • Try to sit down to have your meals and take short 15-minute breaks to prop your feet up.
  • Keep your shoulders back and hold your head high to keep your body limber.
  • If you have the option to sit whilst performing a task, sit!

If you’re struggling with foot pain that doesn’t resolve with a day of rest, contact AA Podiatry.  We have the latest techniques and technologies to you back on your feet.


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