Flying for Holidays: How to prevent Oedema in legs

Summer is fast approaching and most Brits are preparing to fly to sunnier places.  Sunscreen, swimsuits, and beach towels all make their way on the packing list every year.  But most holiday makers don’t often think to also plan ahead for oedema.  

You’re not likely to encounter foot, leg or ankle problems if you’re simply on a ‘puddle jumper’ flight from London to Alicante. 


Appointment Walk-through: Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Uncomfortable at best, painful and infected at worst, ingrowing toenails can’t be ignored.  AA Podiatry can manage the full process, performed by specialists in a private medical environment.


An ingrowing toenail is a very painful condition which can be caused by an injury,


Running 101: Post-training foot care tips

An average marathon takes approximately 33,000 steps to complete.  Though much of the sport relies on core, quad and glute strength, it’s our feet that take the worst beating.  Sometimes the aching and pounding can persist more than just a few hours.  Life after a marathon goes on, but spending extra time on foot care can help heal runners’ feet faster.


Tips for good foot care

AA Podiatrists have come up with 10 tips to help you keep your feet in good condition and prevent foot problems:

1. Wash your feet

The first step in having good foot health is to keep your feet clean, daily. Wash them in warm soapy water every day.  Don’t soak them as this may destroy your skin’s natural oils.

How to Treat Gout

Arthritis is a disease of the joints which causes them to become inflamed and stiffen.  There are three types of arthritis.  Rheumatoid,  Osteo-arthritis and Gout.

Gout is the result of an imbalance of uric acid in the body, and affects more men that women.

The main symptom is waking up in the middle of the night with an acute throbbing pain in the big toe,

How to Treat Sweaty Feet

Most of us have suffered from foot perspiration and odour from time to time, yet for some people, sweaty feet are a persistent problem which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Sweaty feet are a complaint known as Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, and have a lot to do with how the sweat glands in this part of the body work.

What is Heel Pain and How to Deal with It

When walking, your heels repeatedly hit the ground with considerable force.  They have to be able to absorb the impact and provide a firm support for the weight of the body.

When pain develops in the heel, it can be very disabling, making every step a problem, affecting your posture.

There are various types of heel pain.