Ingrown toenails: symptoms, causes and treatment

An ingrown toenail can be uncomfortable, disruptive and a danger to your health if left untreated.  It forms when pressure is applied to the nail for prolonged periods of time, forcing the nail to pierce the surrounding skin.  If you’re unsure whether you have an ingrown toenail, read our podiatrist-approved causes, symptoms and treatments of ingrown toenails to find out:


  • Incorrect nail cutting: This is the most common cause of ingrown toenails. 


Flying for Holidays: How to prevent Oedema in legs

Summer is fast approaching and most Brits are preparing to fly to sunnier places.  Sunscreen, swimsuits, and beach towels all make their way on the packing list every year.  But most holiday makers don’t often think to also plan ahead for oedema.  

You’re not likely to encounter foot, leg or ankle problems if you’re simply on a ‘puddle jumper’ flight from London to Alicante. 


Tips for good foot care

AA Podiatrists have come up with 10 tips to help you keep your feet in good condition and prevent foot problems:

1. Wash your feet

The first step in having good foot health is to keep your feet clean, daily. Wash them in warm soapy water every day.  Don’t soak them as this may destroy your skin’s natural oils.