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Sporting Injuries

With the use of gyms becoming increasingly popular, it is no surprise that more and more people are seeking the advice of sports podiatrists. As well as the professional sportsperson, the recreational or weekend sports person can equally benefit from sports podiatry.


What is Sports Podiatry?

Sports podiatrists primarily focus on the way the foot interacts with the ground and try to consider the loads or forces that the lower limb has to contend with during high impact sporting activity. This is often referred to as ‘biomechanics’ which is essentially the application of mechanical principles to living organisms.

When should I consult a Sports Podiatrist?

If you have repeated lower limb injuries, it is likely caused by a mechanical problem or imbalance in the body. To relieve symptoms, the cause of the imbalance must be determined and treated accordingly.

Common Sporting Injuries

  • Shin splints

  • Achilles tendinitis

  • Knee cap pain

  • Heel pain

  • Back pain

  • Calf strain

  • Arch pain

When should I consult a Sports Podiatrist?

One of our podiatrists will assess and manage the podiatric needs of the sportsperson and the sport. A biomechanical assessment looks at the way the bones, muscles and associated structures such as tendons are aligned and interact. We may also look at factors such as stability, body posture and other musculoskeletal factors. We will take into account the type of sport and provide advice on what you can do for yourself, such as stretching and strengthening exercises.

AA Podiatry offer specialist treatment options to customers suffering from podiatric related sports injuries in Glasgow.

We also offer a range of custom made and bespoke orthotics  prescribe in our clinics  by our specialist MSK Podiatrists.

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