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A.A. Podiatry has over 20 years in Private Practice experience with two clinics in Glasgow.

The Podiatrists

June Harrowell and Pauline Anderson both qualified from the Glasgow School of Chiropody in 1987, and have worked in both the National Health Service and Private Practice.

A.A. Podiatry has over 20 years Private Practice experience in three surgeries across Glasgow, with an expanding staff of experience.

What is Podiatry?

A podiatry is a foot specialist. In the UK podiatry is simply the new name for chiropody. The name was changed to podiatry in 1993 as it’s the internationally recognised name for a foot specialist and may be considered more appropriate as ‘podiatry’ refers to feet while ‘chiropody’ refers to both feet and hands.

What Do Podiatrists Treat?

Along with most routine treatments for corns, hard skin and verruca, Podiatrists can also carry out nail surgery. Patients with high risk conditions e.g. Diabetes and Peripheral Vascular Disease are also treated.

Podiatrists are also training in bio-mechanical assessment and orthotic manufacture. The mechanics of the feet are the key to the mechanics of the rest of the body, and an uneven base can produce compensatory muscle imbalance throughout the rest of the body.

What Do The Letters That Podiatrists Use Mean?

M. Ch. S. – This means that the podiatrist is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. A practising member of the society is assured of having professional indemnity insurance cover.

D. Pod. M or BSC – This signifies that the podiatrist has completed a full training course in podiatry.

S.R. Ch. – This signifies that the Podiatrist is State Registered. Only those who are State Registered can work for the National Heath Service.

L.F. Hom(Pod) – Means licensed Associate member of the Faculty of Homeopathy.


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